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Y18 Is Just around the Corner!

The Starting Gate

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Learn everything you need to know about owning your very own string of racehorses.
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Where members come to sit back and plot against authority. No, but seriously members can come here to roleplay with other members, play games, host events as well as post a leave of notice. Have fun!
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Looking for what's new and hip around Final Furlong? Come here to check out all updates that have graced the site.
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Want to get your site's name out there? So do we! Whether it's your first time here or you are linking back this is the place to go. We also accept static affiliates!

Beyond the Tracks

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All horses must be registered before they can race or breed. Please keep this information as up to date as possible. When a stud retires, be sure to update his status and post in the Studbook found within the Breeding Shed.
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Tell us all about your horse's successes on and off the track. Stories are not limited only to horses, however, if you have anything interesting going on at your stable be sure to let everyone know about it!
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The horses on the market. As the seller, you must name the conditions of sale and your price. As the buyer, please adhere to the conditions of sale and pay the full amount upon purchase.
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Inside you will find the stud book listing all of retired studs. Stable owners are encouraged to provide stud rosters during breeding seasons to showcase which studs are available, how many booking they have available, etc.
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The evaluations board. This board is to help you understand your horses progress more and to get advice on how to get them to do better. Anyone can evaluate and give advice!
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All workouts must be posted within your stable board

To get a board for your stable, PM a staff member to get you set up. Articles and breeding news must be posted in the respective board found within one of the tracks.

The Wire

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Said to be one of the easier of the three racetracks, The Wire (sponsored by Cavallo) is where many people allow their juveniles to test the waters before trying to conquer the other tracks. You may enter your horses in races inside as well as view the race schedule.

The Y17 Breeders' Cup takes place at The Wire!
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This is where horse awards and stable awards for horses predominantly ran on The Wire are presented.
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Here you will find past race results over the years as well as the entry forms for all of the races.

Green Horse Fields

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Green Horse Fields was founded by Snowflake and is now sponsored by Sunfrost. It is home to a plethora of HOTY races and is known for it's bigger fields and competitiveness.
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Successful racehorses are remembered here for their talent and heart. Horse Of The Year is also found in this board. GHF is also known for it's Breeding Hall of Fame.
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Here you will find past race results over the years as well as the entry forms for all of the races.

Battlestone Downs

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The newest of the three tracks, Battlestone Downs is sponsored by Kenren. This track was established to pick up the slack from the other two tracks and it has a plethora of races limited to fillies and mares as well as many G5 and G4 races.

Home to: the Turf Distance Series, Dirt Distance Series and the Canadian Triple Tiara
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At the closure of each month, a horse will be praised for it's achievements that month. These achievements can originate from any of the three tracks here at FF and it can also relate to certain sires or broodmares.
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Here you will find the past race results over the years as well as the entry forms for all of the races.

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